Sonny Shi

Principal Software Engineer - Stacklet

Python, Containers, Cloud Security

# work

## Stacklet

Staff Software Engineer

Building Stacklet.

## Hulu

Cloud Engineering (July 2019 - Feb 2021)

Senior Software Engineer

Built AWS account automation services to stand up accounts on demand pre-configured with VPC peering, base roles, integrations into vendor services and connectivity to existing datacenter/other AWS accounts.

Built services for reporting and inspection of accounts and account resources through with automated notifications to users about non-compliant resources.

Built services to allow users to obtain break-glass IAM permissions in the case of an outage or incident with full audit tracability.

Introduced and matured team with test driven development and overall code quality ratcheting.

## Capital One

Cloud Custodian (July 2018 - June 2019)

Cloud Custodian Maintainer

Core Maintainer of Cloud Custodian from Capital One. Responsible for community engagement, answering issues, reviewing pull requests, and releasing new features to the Custodian engine.

Technical Lead for Cloud Custodian Platform

Technical lead on internal Custodian platform at Capital One. Responsibilities include code review, architecture, and defining vision for the future of the platform.

Product Owner - Cloud Custodian

Responsible for the delivery of new features on the Cloud Custodian platform as a SaaS for the rest of the company.

Cloud Products (July 2017 - July 2018)

Cloud Custodian Platform Developer

Built and tested new features for the internal Cloud Custodian platform.

Introduced and co-architected container orchestration overhaul.

Operations Engineer

Responsible for maintaining uptime for the Cloud Custodian platform.

Enterprise Policy Author

Authored new policies in response to compliance, security, or governance requirements.

Card Technology (July 2016 - July 2017)

DevOps Engineer

Created resilient, self healing, and cost effective systems in the cloud responsible for customer acquisition and application processing.

# education

The Ohio State University

Bachelors of Computer Science and Engineering, Class of 2016


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